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Snowy Owl in Flight

Web Site Design with Heart and Soul
For Small Businesses and Organizations,
Artists, and Individuals

  Complete Site Organization and Design
  Promotional Writing and Editing
  Expert Photo Retouching and Presentation
  Creation of Text Header Graphics
  Java Script Email Links
  WordPress Blog Option
  Optimal Meta Tag Creation
  Submission to Major Search Engines
  Submission to Appropriate Directories
  Domains and Hosting
  Very Personal, Caring Service

This is the package to get your business, organization, or artistic endeavor going on the web! White Owl Web Design gives you so much more than just a web site. Heck, you can go erect a freebie by yourself somewhere if that's all you want. But if you want professionalism, polish, attractiveness, expert writing, and clean text on the page, talk to White Owl Web. If you want assistance in promoting your service, product, or art, and visibility in search engines, get in touch with White Owl Web.

If you're antsy to get your domain right away, visit our Little Dipper Domains for inexpensive domains with an easy web interface and excellent 24/7 customer service by phone or email. If you like, White Owl Web Design will help you select a suitable domain name for your internet presence. Please talk to White Owl Web Design about hosting before signing up for hosting through Little Dipper Domains. You will want to find out which program is best for your individual needs.

In the future more will be appearing on this site to give you more information regarding site design and hosting through White Owl Web Design.

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