Rev. Layne Russell, A Ceremony to Remember

Ceremony Fees

 What It Costs

Basic Ceremony Fee:   $290.00

Rehearsal Fee:   $50
If rehearsal guidance by the minister is desired, there is an additonal $50 fee for that service. There may be an additonal travel fee also, depending upon the rehearsal location.

Travel:   $40 per hour
Travel fees are based on the amount of time it takes to drive to and from the ceremony site. There are no travel fees for weddings taking place within the city of Redding.

Small Weddings
For very small weddings ceremonies comprised of only the couple or the couple and one or two witnesses, the fee is adjusted. Call for more information.

What the Fees Cover
Rev. Layne's basic fees cover one ceremony consultation meeting, phone and email assistance and correspondence, ceremony services on the wedding day, travel compensation as appropriate, completed and mailed legal paperwork, and a copy of the personalized wedding ceremony printed on quality paper to have as a keepsake. Please note that the fee for the rehearsal, if desired, is separate.

At the ceremony consultation meeting, if the bride and groom feel they have found their wedding minister, they make a deposit of $50 to $100.00. In some situations, it is more appropriate to mail deposits to the minister. The balance is paid after the ceremony takes place, at the same time as the signing of the license.

 What to Expect

The initial ceremony consultation meeting is casual, relaxed, and fun. This is when the bride and groom and Rev. Layne meet and get to know each other a bit, and they talk about the wedding! The bride and groom read a few pages of ceremony text and talk about special additions or ideas they may have. As they talk, Rev. Layne makes her notes on an information sheet. This meeting lasts anywhere from a half hour to an hour, depending on each couple's personal needs and preferences.

After the initial meeting, phone calls and emails are welcome as needed.

Rev. Layne arrives at the ceremony approximately twenty minutes before the stated ceremony time and is very helpful and supportive with last minute details and clarifications. She brings a sense of peacefulness and confidence to those pre-wedding moments.

 Planning From a Distance or Short Notice

There are situations where the bride and groom cannot meet with the minister before their wedding. In this case, all arrangements are made by phone and email. The couple may be coming to their wedding site area only at the time of the wedding, or perhaps it is a suddenly inspired "short notice" wedding ceremony. Rev. Layne has often helped people plan their ceremonies from afar; this is not a concern. Also, short notice weddings are welcomed.

 Marriage License Details

Rev. Layne takes care of the signing of the license by the bride and groom's chosen witnesses right after the ceremony, often while photos are being taken. If there is an additional keepsake certificate given to the couple by the County Clerk, she signs this and takes care of having the witnesses sign this also.

Rev. Layne gives the keepsake certificate to one of the witnesses or other designated person as soon as it is signed after the ceremony. She mails in the signed legal license to the Office of the County Recorder of the county in which the license was issued.

Rev. Layne does not provide marriage licenses. The couple obtains their marriage license at the California county of their choice within ninety days of the date of the ceremony. Licenses vary in cost from county to county. The couple signs their license at the County Clerk's office at the time of issuance; they do not sign their license after the ceremony along with the witnesses.

A certified copy of the marriage license may be obtained after the original license is sent back in and recorded by the County Recorder's office. At the same time the marriage license is obtained, the county also gives you cost information and a form to send in to receive this certified copy by mail.