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Layne Russell

Rev. Leslye Layne Russell performs nondenominational wedding ceremonies in the northern California region of Shasta and Siskiyou Counties. She has been helping couples create beautiful ceremonies for twenty-four years. Before her move to Redding, California, in 2000, she performed wedding ceremonies in the Sonoma, Mendocino, Napa, and Marin Counties and other locations in the San Francisco Bay area.

Layne's personal, loving, and thoughtful style brings an intimacy and joy that touches not only the bride and groom, but all their guests as well. She often includes in her ceremonies the poignant words of the Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran and, at the close of the ceremonies, a beautiful wedding blessing from the Native Americans. She also has rewritten a lovely, optional "Wine Ceremony," a special touch in which the bride and groom toast to one another and to their "long and happy marriage." She also sometimes includes "roses to the mothers," the Unity Candle, and special gifts to the children.

Rev. Layne's ceremonies are filled with beautiful and unique wording, and readings done by the wedding party or other family members or friends are always encouraged and welcomed. She encourages couples to write their own vows too, if they are interested in doing so.

From the most sophisticated of weddings to the more casual, Layne will help create a warm and joyful atmosphere. Layne's voice is soothing and confident, and her ceremonies are performed with much eye contact and many smiles. She is known for her ability to calm and reassure nervous brides and grooms and help ease them through the pre-ceremony jitters and those marvelous peak moments of saying their vows.

Layne will perform weddings large and small at the bridal couple's choice of location, from chapel to hall, lodge or restaurant to country club, living room to forest, lakeside to mountaintop. She is at home in any situation, site seen or unseen. Layne is able to come into any indoor or outdoor space and be at home and share her ease, warmth, and love with her wedding couples and their circle of guests.

Layne is a recipient of a 1999 "Best of Sonoma County" Award for her work as a wedding minister in that region.

James Russell, Rev. Layne's husband, offers beautiful solo guitar music for wedding ceremonies and special events. He is a professional guitarist with a beautiful repertoire of wedding music of many styles - classical, love songs, jazz, standards, appropriate rock and folk, bossa nova, and Brazilian. James, who is also a guitar teacher in Redding at Herried Music and a guitar maker of his own Russell Guitars, has studied and played guitar since he was eleven years old. Layne and James often perform weddings together creating a seamless, experienced minister and music team.

About Layne Russell

Layne Russell is an independent nondenominational minister and chaplain ordained through World Congregational Fellowship. She has performed wedding ceremonies since 1984 and served as a Hospice Chaplain during 1992-93 through Home Hospice of Santa Rosa (California). She is a California certified hypnotherapist, a certified Reiki Master, has taught meditation, dream workshops, integrative breathwork, yoga, modern dance, and movement classes. She was a performing dancer and singer-songwriter for many years, and taught high school students as a substitute teacher for fifteen years.

Layne graduated from Chico State University with a degree in English in 1969. Her post-graduate studies included Religious Studies at California State University, Chico, and East-West Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts at Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado. Layne is a published poet and has given many poetry readings in various cities up and down the West Coast.

Layne has been deeply involved with meditation since 1970 at which time she awakened more fully to the awareness of the living presence and to her purpose. In 1972 she had a near death experience in which she died and returned to her body after diffusion into light and energy. Approximately one year later she experienced pre-birth and birth with full spirit and body remembrance. She is working on several books based on these and other life experiences.

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