Free Tibet

Toward a Free Tibet

“Toward a Free Tibet” is dedicated to the people of Tibet and to their continuing struggle toward regaining independence, and, at least, autonomy and self-determination. What the Tibetan people have endured at the hands of the Chinese government is almost unspeakable. But we must speak it. We must bring the facts to mainstream visibility.

When visiting some of the sites listed here, when reading the information and seeing the photos, you may find your eyes welling with tears. Not only have the Tibetan people been oppressed, but the land itself has been and is being exploited and irrevocably ravaged. What can other countries do to help? What can individuals do to help?

“Toward a Free Tibet” is an offering created out of love and respect for Tibet, its culture, and its people. It is a small but dedicated contribution to the world’s growing awareness of Tibet’s true history and its current situation, an awareness through which constructive change – even if occurring in small steps – must inevitably take place.