"Raku Teapot Haiku"
Haiku Book with Companion CD

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"Raku Teapot Haiku," the first of what we hope will be many such publications by Raku Teapot poets, was published by Raku Teapot Press in 2003.

From the back cover: "The twenty-four haiku poets whose work appears in this book are members of the Raku Teapot online haiku list, which was the inspiration for the collection. The 143 poems were selected and recorded by the poets, producing a companion compact disc that displays a rich and charming variety of tones, timbres, and musical cadences in many different accents and ranges of vocal expression. Readers will find old favorites here, and will discover new work as well. Hearing each poet's voice makes this outstanding collection come alive."

Cover Art by Zolo
"Raku Teapot Haiku," Cover Art by Zolo

The twenty-four haiku poets included are:

Stephen Addiss
Mark Brooks
Marjorie J. Buettner
Owen Burkhart
John Edmund Carley
Tom Clausen
Angela Detlev
Garry Gay
Jesse Glass
Michael McClintock
Christopher Patchel
Leslye Layne Russell
Carol Sircoulomb
Carmen Sterba
Maria Steyn
Alan J. Summers
Cindy E. Tebo
David Walker
Michael Dylan Welch
Billie Wilson
Sheila Windsor

Owner and co-founder of the Raku Teapot online haiku forum, Zolo, writes, "The 143 poems appearing in this book represent the gift and the love of haiku, as well as the cooperation and creativity, the profundity and humor, the artistic vision, and the poetic insights of the participating members of Raku Teapot. I believe you will find here a marvelous achievement and a unique collection of depth and beauty."

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"Raku Teapot Haiku" is perfect bound, 112 pages, 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches, and is produced by Raku Teapot Press in association with White Owl Publishing. Cover art was created from a watercolor by Zolo and appears on both the book and CD. The paper is a creamy off-white color with smooth texture. There are six haiku by each poet and two haiku per page. The poets read their own haiku and appear on the CD in the same order as they appear in the book. The CD is in a vinyl pocket on the inside of the back cover. This publication is a limited edition of 600 copies.

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Send your order and payment to:
Billie Wilson
1170 Fritz Cove Road
Juneau, AK 99801-8501

Limited first edition of 600 copies; some copies still in stock.

For more information:
Billie Wilson - akwilsons@gci.net
Layne Russell - editor@whiteowlweb.com

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