Yvonne Rainer in the '70's
Yvonne Rainer in Trio A in the 1970's

Performance at Wreck Beach
(choreographed by Yvonne Rainer; performed
in 1972 by Yvonne and a group of Vancouver dancers)

out of a bag
she gave us red balls,
no words

in quiet we climbed over
log drift on shore,

assembled slowly on sand,
spread out,
maybe ten standing straight,

facing calm water,
at water's edge.
stood still,

then one by one
red balls tossed
to cool blue-gray

of English Bay.
only arms moved.

floating red,
still bodies

red balls
rocked and rolled

on lapping waters.
slowly, slowly,
body by body

walked on to the next act
in the bay ballet.
red balls,

bobbing on blue,
beneath blue,

© 1997 Leslye Layne Russell

This poem was published in the
June 1997 issue of One Dog Press.

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