shine is bird
for poet Michal Belisle
shine is bird.
shine is bird.
is birding.
birdshine shone
      known now.
known now is shining
      having shown,
having now is birdfly shine,
birdfly shine.
flyshine birdly is showing high,
   birdhigh shinely shown.
shine flybird showly, knowly will.

knowly will shine sheen and see,
   will shine sheenandsee,
      will shinesheen and see,
once sawing.
sawing once willshinesheenandsee,
   known, flown.
   known, flown.
known flown
      fall swoop
         to land and sand
to see,
   to sea.

sawing fall,
sawing all to fall and land down known,
swooping was to sand down.
to sand down. 

© 1974, 1997 Leslye Layne Russell

This poem was written as a letter to Michal Belisle in 1974.

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