shell, part 1

I lay my head upon your chest
my dark hair
upon sea blue shirt
the rise
the fall
of your breathing
carry me from this room

I dream a white curled shell
on long and silver sands
soft waves touch and
circle and slide

round gold sun
wraps smooth curves
spiraling in to heart
spiraling out to sky	
a warm jade sea breathes
teases and holds with
open hand
the shell upon shore

I wake
to gentle rocking 
of breath of you and sea
shape of shell within my body
I taste the ocean air

shell song, part 2

wear a sea blue shirt
tell a pelican to fly
tell a shell a secret
ask a starfish why

jump from rock to sand
from sand to rock again
run the sun and wonder
where the wind has been

© 1996 Layne Russell

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