slept with the saxman
    when you left town
        he was so tall

notes of ribbon 
    blown close and round
        I the dancer

empty hall of hardwood floor
    we wove form and sound and air
        no audience

later his converted storefront
    windows filled with Yew Street light
        artist's dream

high in the loft
    tangle sweet and kind
        laughter after

down the ladder
    bakery bread and butter		
        played me his shenai

sun through glass
    says afternoon
        walked the 13 blocks back
when you returned	
    I told you
        even more than I had known
morning classifieds
    third floor attic
        sixty-five dollars

french windows to the sea
    took it
        moved that day

windows opened wide
    water and clouds
        gulls across the sky

© 1997 Leslye Layne Russell

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