Winter Haiku
From the Mountain Haiku Collection

across the canyon
    sun centered over crags
        my face turns gold

after the snow storm
    blue sky above white firs—
        clouds on fire

highway 89
    north through the Sierra
        into the Big Dipper

a thousand feet above
    the lights of Sierraville
        I stand with the moon

grown daughter far
    in her high mountain home— 
        white covered pines

flakes fill gray sky
    fall on your dark hair. . .
        ice blossoms melting

Sierra night
    into the dark mountain
        a star falls

clear mountain night
    light cast from the house
        diamonds in the snow

white sky
        blue jay! 

four o'clock sun
    across the frozen pond
        tree shadows on ice

across the meadow
    deep snow trail to the pond. . .
        no one

midnight on the porch
    Cassiopeia above. . .
        cold white quiet

© 1998 Leslye Layne Russell

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