Mountain Haiku
From the 1998 Collection

Tahoe blue expanse
    one lone boat. . .
        slow white sails cross

against the sun
    you splash in clear Tahoe
        silver-edged silhouette

road winds through wet hills
    drops into the valley. . .
        above, black birds part

morning sun through pines
    meditation on a stump. . .
        out jump two chipmunks

three flowered quilts
    on the cabin bed 
        stars fill the window

morning bare feet 
    to the front porch wood pile—   
        start the fire!

curled on the couch
    flannel gown tucks in toes— 
        wind at the door

boulders and stones
    white rapids tumble through green 
        at my feet tiny trout

above the canyon
    miles of winding river. . .  
        mountains open

Clear Lake
    highest in ninety years. . .
        silver beneath clouds

20 to I-5
    into the valley at sunset— 
        ducks glide overhead

© 1998 Leslye Layne Russell

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