in out
from the back of the point of 
the dark and light
to the beginning of body becoming
    the large is born

you can sit anywhere and find it
find the point
    find the body large
you can stand
you can talk
you can buy groceries or
        watch tv

you can lie in bed
wake from a dream 
    or go into one
your house
your street 
your city is filled with
the starting point and
            the fullness
there is no end

the point is wherever you are
the body large
        is your true body
is the you that is more than you
that is beyond you

sometimes you will hear the rush of
    light infusing
    light filling
feel the spiral movement up the body
the body expanding
        becoming the body large

it may seem extraordinary
but it's not
it's what always was
        always is
        the stars you didn't see

where were you standing?
what obscured your view?
how calm was your gaze
    how still the body
    how smooth the breath?

beyond the point where
the dark and light open
    the body large waits

there to pour into you 
is the light of a 
            thousand suns

© 1998 Leslye Layne Russell

This poem was read publicly for the first time
at Cafe International in San Francisco, May 15, 1998,
and was published in Minotaur in November, 1998.

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