(whatever happened to Grindl how we
danced whenever wherever we saw each other)

it all started with Tri-Solar-Pool musicians and
dancers 1972 the studio on Water Street in old
Vancouver empty room hardwood floors a couple
windows a few folding chairs a piano up above
god knows what it was above and those steep
narrow stairs with the hollow climbing sounds
how many nights we would meet there musicians
dancers we would go for hours (nothing could
stop me I danced till everyone went home) we
rehearsed worked but it was for the joy of body
mind spirit laughing living the music the dance

Grindl and I our movement so much alike yet just
different enough we could improv off each other
forever it seemed I went to her suite on the way
to dance one place or another fabric draped her
cement rooms so dark down there she so colorful
alive with a laugh that lit her deep eyes brown 

one night at Gassy Jack's in Gastown we were
not on the bill but gradually had the floor the band
a late incarnation of the High Flying Bird played
their hearts out we were wild and good at what
we did precise clean moves dynamics contrast 
blasts of energy stillness all in between and the
unexpected every body part speaking pausing
its beauty and grace people clapped for us we
laughed Grindl oh Grindl how I would dance with
you now if I knew where to find you dance till dawn
move our bodies to the music of life unrelenting
our dark hair flashing in light from the wings

© December 1997 Leslye Layne Russell

This poem was published in the
April 1998 issue of One Dog Press.

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