doctor doctor

I took you
to see your doctor
hospital on the hill    oh
I heard you ask him when
do you want to see me
and he said well you
don't need to come see me
unless you want to
of course
how could he not tell her
how could he not say Bettye
your body is
so the job was mine well
I knew it would be and
already was
but doctor doctor
what of this
white room kindness
    I thought I heard
her eyes blink    don't I
need to see you
in a few weeks she asked
    no Bettye I don't
think so
oh darling mother
your star blue eyes
your body now ninety pounds
still you think you will
make it
but you are my child now
and where you will
make it
is where you are going
and that is not
down Placer Street Hill
on your bicycle

© 1996, 1998, 2004 Leslye Layne Russell

This poem was published in
Portfolio North in 2004,
the June 1998 issue of One Dog Press,
and the June 1996 issue of Minotaur.

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