the D flat poems

night piano

after all these years
the key of D flat found me
in those black keys

how life throws curves
      endless improv

chords of my many lives in
the impossibility
and your eyes
            the rush and quiet
      of mountain streams

D flat

where did you come from
saying my hands are
so strong as you
reach and take them in
to yours I gently pull
them away what do
you feel you ask but
I can't tell you 
can't go past this
line your eyes so direct
we meet there your
hands reach again you don't
want to let go but must
I suppose I know you
will disappear

piano in the evening
silver light through
the blinds I discover
the key of D flat tears
of time in my fingers
you'll never hear

© July 1998 Leslye Layne Russell

These poems were published in the August 1999
issue of Blue Moon Quarterly.

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