new night snow
  lay across the city
    soft sheets
      waves of white

we walked from the
  North Shore
    across Lions Gate Bridge
      through downtown Vancouver
        over Granville Street Bridge
          up the dark quiet of
            West 13th Avenue

no counting of
  miles hours or footsteps
    winter wiped our measure

up wide wood turning stairway
  to the top floor
    my room waited
      dark oak under
        cold feet
          I lit candles by the bed

            of course you stayed

months later you sent me
  a letter with lyrics
    Bridge Over Troubled Water
      your light handwriting
        let me know
          you had been afraid

let me know
  you had never made love
    till that snowy night

I had only thought you were
    only remembered
        blue eyes
          voice like falling snow
            and your kind

© December 1997 Leslye Layne Russell

This poem was published in the
February 1998 issue of One Dog Press.

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