I am the blue of skies

I am the blue of skies
the black of night
the stars on fire
in darkness
I am the air I breathe
the breather
the breathing
the endless breath
the endless

I am the singer
I am the listener
the listened to
the listening
I am the poet
the writing
the reader
the poem

I am the mother
the daughter
older sister
the wife
I am the lover
the loved
the loving
the love

I am the taught
and the learning
the teaching and
the teacher
I am mountains
and sea

I am the moon
the gazer
the shined upon
the shining
I am the wisher
the wishing
the wished for
the wish

I am the beginning
the beginner
the end
and ender
I am the in-between
the midst
the sustaining

I am the clouds of winter
the clouds of spring
the clouded over
the clouding
I am the yellow sun
the sunned
the sunning
the sunning sunned by the

© New Year's Eve, 1998, Leslye Layne Russell

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