Photos from the Music Archives
Leslye Layne Russell, Singer-Songwriter

Mighty Mystics, 1995
Boyd, Michael, Layne, Rod, and James

Mystic Boyd Barnette, guitar & vocals;
Mystic Michael Dolan, bass;
Mystic Layne, lead vocal & guitar;
Mystic Rod McDonnough, drums;
Mystic James, guitar, guitar synth, & vocals

Mighty Mystics, 1995

Santa Rosa, 1982

Solo at the Laguna, Sebastopol, 1980

Peter Stickney Photo

Duo with Don Hourigan, Sebastopol, 1978
Peter Stickney Photo

With new Ovation, Santa Rosa, 1978
Peter Stickney Photo

Solo at the Blue Heron Inn, Duncans Mills, 1978
Photo by a Blue Heron customer

Solo at Homeward Bound, Flagstaff, Arizona, 1976
Peter Stickney Photo

At home in Balboa Beach, 1967

Chico State, 1965

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