White Owl Web, Poetry of Layne Russell

Layne Russell is an American first-wave baby-boomer poet who was born in Chico, California. She has had her poems published in many poetry journals, both web and paper, and in several anthologies. Her poems have been put to print in five countries: the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, and China. She enjoys doing readings, and since 1997 she has read in many cities on the West Coast. Layne has been active in online poetry forums and has been a founder and/or moderator of several.

Layne writes about nature, life and death, love, and the beauty and spiritual essence found in the moments and details of everyday life. She plays with words and language, bringing a freshness and immediacy to her writing. “I do it for the love of it,” she says. “I love language and writing and I always have. I know I will continue to hear the words and phrases in my mind and heart all of my life.”

Layne is also a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and a past post-modern dancer. This feel and sensitivity for rhythm and musicality is evident in her writing. Her pieces are alive; they breathe and sometimes sing or dance. Her work is also extremely visual, and it’s not difficult to understand why she might also gravitate to the art of photography…which she does.

More about Layne Russell can be found on the about page. A selection of her poems are presented in the Poetry section.

Layne Russell taking photos in Mt. Lassen Park